Production and Distribution Companies

Jonathan Krane Motion Picture Organization (Jonathan Krane and Beau Rogers)
Entertainment 7
Seven Arts Pictures (Peter Hoffman and Kate Hoffman)
American Cinema International (George Shamieh and Chevonne O’Shaughnessy)
American World Pictures (Mark Lester, Dana Dubovsky)
Independent Artists (Lee Lacy and Mark Borde)
Alliance Atlantic
Alpine Entertainment
Shoreline Entertainment
Promark Entertainment
Bigfoot Entertainment

Production Companies

Krakatau Films
Cypress Moon Studios
Hammermill Productions
Nu-Lite Entertainment
Breakaway Films
The Bubble Factory

Home Entertainment/DVD Companies

Delta Entertainment
Barnholtz Entertainment
Maverick Entertainment
The Asylum

Distribution Companies
Echo Bridge Entertainment
Artist View Entertainment
Quantum Entertainment
Powersports Millennium Ltd.
Green Communications

Jonathan D. Krane
Jonathan D. Krane
Veteran Producer
Cypress Moon Productions
Echo Bridge Entertainment

With over fifteen years experience, Lauren Lewis Public Relations and Communications has worked with a diverse roster of clients from all aspects of the entertainment industry.