Personal Publicity

Ken Gamble - Renowned International Private Investigator
Louis Mandylor - Award Winning Actor, Producer and Director
Jonathan D. Krane - Veteran Producer
Sally Kellerman - Acclaimed Actress and Singer
Ken Barbet - Independent Filmmaker / Director
Tonya S. Holly - Independent Film Writer, Director, Producer
Rolfe Kanefsky - Independent Film Writer, Director, Producer
Tony Little – America’s Personal Trainer / TV Fitness Expert
Namrata Singh Giral – Actor, Producer
Jean Claude LaMarre – Actor, Producer/Director
Dr. Robert Rey – Star of E! TV's Dr. 90210 / Plastic Surgeon
Angelo Surmelis – Interior Designer, Clean Sweep
Jessica Weiner – Author, Actionist, Expert
Jennifer Kelton – Author, Dating Expert
Dr. Deirdre Hambermehl – Health and Wellness Expert / Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Shane Shaboni – Plastic Surgeon

Other Noteworthy Clientele

ShadowBox Pictures
VLADICast, Inc
Gamble Investigations International
Runaway Productions
The Krane Academy
Artivist Film Festival
Air Hollywood
Worldwide Sports Nutrition (Pure Protein Bars)
Hot Tamales Live

With over fifteen years experience, Lauren Lewis Public Relations and Communications has worked with a diverse roster of clients from all aspects of the entertainment industry.

ShadowBox Pictures
ShadowBox Pictures, ShadowBox Direct
International Private Investigator Ken Gamble
Louis Mandylor